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March 2nd, 2012

As a wedding photographer you have to combine the skills of so many different types of photography, people, architecture, landscapes, portraits, fashion and food amongst others. I’m always looking at the work of other photographers for ideas, inspiration and also to learn new techniques. One of the photographers I regularly follow is a great guy I’ve been lucky enough to meet called Stuart Webster from Southampton, Hampshire and I wanted to share a bit of blog love about him and his food photography.

Food Photography - Pancakes and fruit

If you browse through his work you could be mistaken for thinking all of the food that he photographs is based around fine dining. On closer inspection there are just as many snack ideas as there are fine dining photographs – it’s just that the images are so good that Hot-Headz Enchiladas or a Boursin & Ham Bagel looks like the sort of thing you would see on BBC’s Masterchef . In most cases Stuart has made the food for the photographs and often includes a recipe.

Food Photography - Oriental Cuisine
Food Photography - Fine dining bagel

I’m one of those people that have a few basic cooking skills but I always manage to lose any idea what to cook. I walk into a supermarket and my mind goes completely blank for recipe ideas. I’ll then go to the packet area for inspiration … and low and behold, tea that night will be Spaghetti Bolognese or  Cottage Pie. Now, I just pop over to Stuart’s food photography blog, see what he’s been up to lately and start getting some inspiration to cook something a little more exciting.

Food Photography - Sushi prawns

I tend to think that when a photographer’s work stands out, it’s usually because they are passionate about what they are photographing, and this is definitely the case with Stuart’s work. You know full well that he loves to photograph the food as much as he enjoys devouring it after the images have been made. Thank you Stuart.

Food Photography - tangy sorbet

 All images courtesy of Stuart Webster Photography.

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  1. Posted By:
    Stuart Webster

    Posted on:
    March 2, 2012

    I’m humble Rob, thank you.

    Great choice of images by the way.

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